Let’s Celebrate!

Get out your party hats; it’s time for a celebration! Today is National Bittersweet Chocolate and Almonds Day. I don’t know who came up with that idea, but it seems like a grand excuse to enjoy a delectable dessert. In searching for a yummy recipe to try, I came across one that serves two purposes.Continue reading “Let’s Celebrate!”

Weathering the Storm

I am amazed and humbled by the responses I have received regarding my post Jesus in the Dishes. Incidentally, it won Honorable Mention in the Falling for Jesus contest for which it was originally written, and it was republished on www.blissfullydomestic.com. Depression is the “silent killer” of many marriages, often without either party knowing theContinue reading “Weathering the Storm”

The Creative Call is Coming!

It’s finally coming! It’s your chance to discover or uncover the creative gifts that God has placed in you. The unfortunate truth is that once we have found our way in the so-called “real world”, even if we become successful in a chosen profession, many of us discover we’ve lost something of ourselves. We loseContinue reading “The Creative Call is Coming!”

Apple-icious Fall Treats

Traditions are the glue which helps to hold a family together. Some traditions are based on holidays or seasons, while others are unique to each family, created because of the interests and loves of those particular people. Fall brings both holiday traditions and seasonal memories, often based on the foods that are popular during theContinue reading “Apple-icious Fall Treats”

Is it a Mid-Life Crisis or a New Calling?

I’ve been in a funk for the last week or so. Something has just been unsettled in my soul, and I hadn’t been able to identify it. Until today. I had anticipated heavy involvement in my kids’ schools this year, but it hasn’t turned out that way and they are doing just fine without meContinue reading “Is it a Mid-Life Crisis or a New Calling?”

Snow on the Mountain

I participated in a mystery dinner the other night where each of us brought several ingredients, but only one person knew the secret recipe. We watched in anticipation as each person shared their contribution – rice, chicken, chicken broth – so far, so good. Pineapple, cheese, and black olives? Chow mein noodles, coconut, and greenContinue reading “Snow on the Mountain”

Parental Rights – or Not

I am infuriated over what I just read. A 13 year old diabetic girl was given the new HPV vaccine at school against her parents’ consent and against her own wishes. Unbelievable! Where have parents’ rights gone? The worst part about it, from the parents’ perspective, is that the vaccine has not been tested onContinue reading “Parental Rights – or Not”