A Father’s Devotion

Hiking in the mountains in the snow – those who know me know this is not my idea of a good time. However, my Eagle Scout husband and newly inducted Scout son see it as a grand adventure.  And so the preparations began in earnest, as the tab for all the needed equipment escalated moreContinue reading “A Father’s Devotion”

Parental Rights – or Not

I am infuriated over what I just read. A 13 year old diabetic girl was given the new HPV vaccine at school against her parents’ consent and against her own wishes. Unbelievable! Where have parents’ rights gone? The worst part about it, from the parents’ perspective, is that the vaccine has not been tested onContinue reading “Parental Rights – or Not”

Newton’s Law meets Murphy’s Law

Don’t you hate that pit in your stomach when you know you’ve made a big mistake but you’re not exactly sure how bad the fallout will be? Then you lose a night’s sleep tossing and turning, beating yourself up for doing something that seemed reasonable at the time, but now you know it wasn’t. DoContinue reading “Newton’s Law meets Murphy’s Law”