Don’t Take my Map!

Preparing for his first day at the new school, my son’s only fear was that someone would steal his map of the school. Now, we have to get this in perspective. He commented at orientation that the entire building of his old school would easily fit into the auditorium of the new high school – and he was right! 275,000 square feet of building means a lot of hallways to get lost in! We carefully planned out his routes on the map and he walked them out ahead of time, once with the map and once without it, memorizing the shortest paths. But, by the third day, he confidently told me he knew his way to all of his classes and didn’t need the map anymore. Until next semester.

Don’t we tend to be the same way about life? “Oh, I’ve been down that path before; I don’t need the road map any longer,” we think. We get confident in our familiar ways until a new opportunity presents itself. All of a sudden, panic strikes and we’re scrambling. Where is the map? Which way do I go? How do I choose? I want a printed map, with the path clearly highlighted in yellow. I want to know where I will be on the map today, tomorrow, and six months from now. I can’t lose my map or I’ll be lost forever, or so it feels. Sometimes, God shows us a clear path to follow and life is easy for a while. But sometimes He tells us that HE is the map. “Don’t take my map!” we cry. But God says ” Trust me. I AM the map, the only map you will ever need.” Do you think He’ll help my son find his English class next semester?

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