I Had a Dream

Last night, I had one of those long, too-real dreams where you wake up in the morning and have to pause for a minute or two and think – did that really happen, or was it just a dream? As a new student of journaling, I got up and wrote down everything I could remember about the dream; somehow it seemed important though I didn’t understand why. In a nutshell, I dreamed that my house and most of the others in my neighborhood were being torn down to make room for a fire station and a restaurant to be built, my children wanted to move to a farm (truevyne‘s influence, no doubt), and I was concerned about preserving some old log cabins down the street.

Once I had the details on paper, I visited www.dreammoods.com, my favorite dream dictionary. This site  offers amazing insight into the most seemingly insignificant details of your dreams, and time and again, I have found a relevant explanation for what has been going on in my life at the time. As I pondered the meanings of the different words in this particular dream, I found that it did in fact confirm the decisions I have made and the  changes that have been happening around here. It never ceases to amaze me what our subconscious mind can tell us. Also, what a wonderful confirmation to see that my inner self seems to be at peace with my outward decisions. There are big changes on the horizon, and God was gracious enough to confirm my tentative steps through my dream.

I will close by sharing yesterday’s entry from my favorite devotional book, Celtic Daily Prayer :

The thoughts of the son ran thus: ‘My hopes painted beautiful pictures, but they are fading one by one.’

His Father said, ‘ Destroy all those pictures. To watch them slowly fading is weakening to the soul. Dare then to destroy them.  You can if you will. I will give you other pictures instead of those your hopes painted.’

Amy Carmichael

God doesn’t see me the way I do either; I look all the time into a distorted mirror that exaggerates some features and makes others disappear.  God sees a true picture of me with all my faults and limitations, but more than this He sees a picture of all the possibilities and potential I hold.

‘Just let me get my hands on this one,’ He thinks,  ‘and then just wait and see what the finished picture will be.’

Sometimes God gives us a glimpse of that picture to encourage us and spur us on. For me, it is a long process, but in the end it is all about becoming God’s picture of me.

The beautiful stained glass picture was created by Steve Van Ronk at http://northidahoartist.com

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