Run for the Classics

Do not dash for your nearest copy of Moby Dick or Hamlet, but do consider running, walking, or supporting those who will run in the 5th annual Run for the Classics on October 4. This 5k run and 1 mile fun walk are to support Classical education in Knoxville, and more specifically, Paideia Academy, the school my two youngest children attend. This young school has provided an academically challenging and character- building Christian education for Knoxville families for the last four years. The atmosphere at this school is unique – full of respect for authority and a genuine love of learning. My oldest son completed the 8th grade there last year and is more than prepared for the Honors classes at the local public high school. In fact, his keyboarding teacher called him a “grammar genius” last week when he aced a capitalization/punctuation test that everyone else bombed. Thank you, Mrs. Senter! The humility and Christ-like character that he learned at Paideia has come through as well, when he offered to type an English paper for a boy who the day before had said to him, without provocation, “I don’t think I like you.”

I am an avid supporter of Classical education, but a runner I am not. I will be doing the fun walk with my daughter while my husband runs in the real race. If you’re like me, getting a check in the mail seems like a Herculean feat at times. So, they’ve made it very simple – just visit the website, click on “sponsor form”, and fill in $100,000…or $25…or whatever you feel comfortable with, and Paypal takes care of the rest. Thanks for your support!

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